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This gift list is not going well….

And to make things worse; my mother in law bought a present that was on our wedding lost but from somewhere else- didn’t tell us, and is now annoyed that the one from our list has been bought too, so now we have two steam mops. This is the reason behind having a wedding list.

Ok. So far the weather for the wedding is looking good.
Clouds are perfect for the photographers and warm is just what we need for the outdoor venue.

Fingers crossed!

Hen night!!!

So my dad went to pick up his suit- fits perfectly. All good.

James went to get his and Ronnie’s from the same place, in the same order, they’re completely wrong.
Even though the man at the first order and fitting said “oh it’s fine I’ve measured them all so well have the right sizes now”

They’ve now been ordered for a 3rd time to arrive on Tuesday. We’re getting married on Thursday.
If they mess it up again I’m going to lose it.


It’s my hen do tonight so in currently waiting for a couple of friends to cone over before we head out in a group tonight.
I’m really nervous and I want it to be fun. I’m always worried people will be bored or think I have no friends if not many people go.

Eugh social anxiety.

Oh yes. 1 week to go and I am THAT kind of bride!

Still to do:
Collect suits this Saturday
Dress on Tuesday
Cake on Wednesday
Make CD of music for ceremony


So pretty!

Hi I'm Kayleigh!
I'm a bride-to-be and this blog is full of wedding inspiration, from my personal wedding files and others I find around ^^

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